How to get XPages and Bootstrap3_xxx themes to work (or how to check that XPages is correctly installed)?

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Warning – Not that experienced XPages programmer here Smile 

I have been fiddling around with the Single Page Application control in XPages, but I never got it to work properly with the Bootstrap3, or Bootstrap3_flat themes. In fact it only worked with OneUI before FP8. I supect that I have some issue with XPages on the server.

Below you see a screen shot of the result in Chrome;


My question is therefore – Does anybody know how to check if XPages is is properly installed on the server? I search around and find some details, but a lot of the information seems somewhat old (2014’ish), and the nomenclature seems different now and pretty fragmented. I guess I am also a little confused about what features that still needs ExtLib and what has been moved to the core product with FP8.


[SOLVED] - Does anybody have a cure for extremely small fonts in some incoming mails?

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Update (only a couple hours later than the post). Thanks to Howard and Jay Marme (unfortunately no link) I learned that I can use the Notes.ini keyword setting BrowserRenderNoFilter=1. When doing so, everything started to work fine!

See the original question at the bottom of this post!

Before (extremely small fonts!) After BrowserRenderNoFilter=1
image image

You can find more on BrowserRenderNoFilter and it’s sieblings BrowserRenderDisable and BrowserRenderPrintNotes here. I copy the text here:

Notes 8 uses Internet Explorer to render MIME emails.
This comes with benefits of better rendering but some emails can take longer to render. There are are some ini variables that control this behavior.
The ini variables in place are
BrowserRenderDisable=1 Don't use the feature at all
BrowserRenderNoFilter=1 Don't run the mail through the active content filter (filters possible security problems from IE issues). Turning off the active content filter may help it run faster.
BrowserRenderPrintNotes=1 When printing from the document, use the Notes rendering and not the browser's
It can also be turned off by deleting the $BrowserRender item on the Memo form in the mail template.
Also noted on the call: This feature works on the basic client with a template refresh to the perweb.nsf database.


[SOLVED] Has anybody experienced problems with iNotes on Safari after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3?

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Update 24.JAN.2012: See comment from Brian below on how to fix this issue

The server has been upgraded to Domino 8.5.3 and now my iPhone nor iPad can’t open the mails without getting an error. I can can log in, and see the Inbox fine. All new mails are present, but as soon as I click on a message to open it, I get an error message (“Cannot open page, the URL cannot be shown”. The exact Norwegian error message is “Kan ikke åpne side, Safari kan ikke åpne siden, Feilen var: “URL-en kan ikke vises”). Has anybody seen this?


Webshere Portal Wiki, portalwiki.nsf, does anybody know if the template can be downloaded somewhere?

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If you take a look at this site, you’ll see that the Websphere Portal Wiki seems to be a XPages-enabled Notes database (the NSF extension and the xsp extension reveals this).

Does anybody know whether this template can be downloaded somewhere? Can it be used out of Websphere context?

To me it looks like it is the XPages Documentation Wiki, but I am not sure.


Is it just me? Domino Designer for Eclipse contains some copy/paste issues ...

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Using the latest and greatest Lotus Notes 8.5.2 All Clients installation on a Windows 7 64-bit machine…

Let me start by saying that DDE is absolutely a huge step in the correct direction, and I wouldn’t even dream of going back. Just having a serious editor for my LotusScript classes is such a pro that I can’t ever go back to the old editor Smilefjes

But …. some issues almost drives me nuts …. and probably has to do with the way Notes expose LotusScript to Eclipse. That said, most of the problems below doesn’t occur when you edit Java code, so I guess this has to do with LotusScript tooling somehow…

  • First of all, almost no matter when you paste, Eclipse insist on placing the cursor at the end of the line …. This means if you copy parts of code, such as as the “viewNew” from the code below …
    …copy “viewNew” to the clipboard, and now doubleclick on the “viewOriginal”, then paste;
    … the cursor ends up after the Refresh method!!! I don’t like this. Paste and stay at the end of the pasted value, like any other normal editor!!

    This is however, not really a huge problem, just annoying ….
  • Much worse problem! Sometimes the editor inserts the text in reverse order!!!!

    Now I have a problem, this is super-annoying! Below you see how the editor insists on inserting the word “portal” backwards!

    I start at (1), and at (2) I have written the first 4 characters “port”… and at (3) I have finished “portal”. Nice eh?!

    When I try to delete this corky text, I always gets the next problem…
  • Something obviously goes completely wrong when deleteing text…

    It always happened when I try to delete reversed text as descriped above, but sometimes it also happens when deleting text for no obvious reason;


    By the way, which log?!? Certainly not log.nsf Smilefjes

    I have also learnt the hard way that when I see such errors, Its best to quit the editor session to get out without corrupting the code.
  • The auto-identer goes haywire and takes forever…


    As soon as I paste something, the auto-indenter normally indents the pasted text fast. Sometimes it needs a long time to think, and the above dialog box (2) stays on for 15-20 seconds, while the class-explorer marked with the arrow (1) blinks intensively.
  • The class-explorer suddenly doesn’t show all members…

    This problem only occurs if I choose to continue to edit the code after error messages like…


    The code compiles if I try to Recompile All LotusScript, but methods (typically the last ones added to a LotusScript-class) aren’t visible. Sometimes I have to end Notes completely (like kill to get rid of all processes …) in order to make DDE show them again. Hasn’t lost any code yet due to this problem, but it has sure scared me a lot (like “where the h…. is the latest method !!!!!” …)

Has anybody else experienced one or more of the issues above? I hope they get ironed out in future releases Smilefjes


One machine, same app, two id-files, @MailSend works on one id, fails on the other?

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I experience a very strange problem these days. One of my users phoned me about some mails that hadn’t been received. So, on my own machine, with the same Notes client (8.5.2) and the same application, I experience the following;

  • With my ID, @MailSend works fine. I get the “Mail has been submitted” message in the status bar, and the mail actually arrives at the recipients mail file

  • With another id, the same fails. I still get the “Mail has been submitted” message, but the mail never reaches its recipient

Has anybody experienced this?

Another question; where do MailSend submit data to? The mail.box on the server? I can’t seem to track down the flow here.

BTW; I have also tried the same send operation with NotesUIDocument’s Send, with the same result. No error was caught … same message


I wish I could combine NotesDocumentCollection with PickListCollection dialog box

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I have a database where I want to select some document with LotusScript. These documents should be presented to the user in a dialog box so he or she can choose what documents to delete.

Now, this isn’t hard to do with a dialog box containing a list of selected values from the documents. However, this always looks “oh so dialogish” ….

What if I could present any documents (such as a NotesDocumentCollection) in a PickListCollection dialog box? This would be much more nice looking IMO.

My initial ideas is to use a hidden folder, and store the NotesDocumentCollection with PutAllInFolder. Then the PickListCollection would show those documents. This may however lead to a race-condition if multiple users attempt to do the same thing at the same time.

Unfortunately it seems like I can’t use a temporary folder name either, as the folder must to be known to the design collection at an early stage of the database-open process. The PickListCollection seems to have issues finding newly created folders.

Any ideas?


Need a high-capacity field-type with type-ahead and automcomplete for use in the Notes client. Any ideas on how to create this?

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In our Notes client homepage, I would like to have a search-field with some special features, such type-ahead and autocomplete. Think of the Recent Contacts dro- down for the mail SendTo field as shown below;
A picture named M2

If this functionality also could be available for other fields, and that I could stuff what I want into the lookup-data, I would have been saved

So far, I see these options;
  1. Use a standard Dialog List field. This can be tweaked to look pretty (place the field within tables, turn of the field delimiters and turn off the field helper, look at Tim Tripcony's blog here). Below you see a test;

    A picture named M3
    The pros for this solution is that it works everywhere and the dialog list contains a list of words which easily could be retrieved via @formulas. Once loaded, it is super fast. On the down side, the data cannot exceed 64 kB, and I don't see the drop down list as for the Recent Contacts type-ahead. I could of course click enter to bring up the dialog box with the list, but I feel this is more cumbersome compared to a real combobox-like field. The biggest issue is undoubtedly the 64 kB limit.
  • Write a XPages solution. XPages may run in the Notes client context, but requires the full Standard client.  Click here to read more about the differences in clients, if you are interested. The pros with XPages is that you are then developing a solution in an über-focused technology Also, you could probably use cool UI frameworks such as Dojo, JQuery etc to aid the development. Solutions such as TagDragon from Ferdy Christant really gives you a glimpse of what you can do;

    A picture named M4
  • Write an Eclipse plugin. I do not have experience with this kind of plugins, and do not know whether an Eclipse-plugin would be feasible or not. Perhaps someone like Mikkel Heisterberg know that?

    I guess the pro-side here would be that we comply to the way we should extend Notes from now on? The downside is perhaps that such a solution would require the full Standard Client with Eclipse-support, and wouldn't run in the Basic client
  • Write an ActiveX component. Here I do have some experience, and one could create an ActiveX component with all the UI bells and whistles of such a field. The cons is of course that I limit the usage to Windows, and that I am perhaps extending Notes in "oh, so 80's"-way?
  • Use a Composite Application. Perhaps one part could be a HTML page utilizing solutions like TagDragon above? Not so much experience with Composite Applications, so I do not know how feasible this would be.
  • With Windows-hooks, subclass a field on the Notes-homepage, and surface your own window. Ok, this is perhaps way off - and even more "oh, so 80's"-solution. And it is Windows only - and super-difficult. Not good.
    If anybody have some ideas or recommendations, please jump in!
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    Since 8.5.1 Notes lost its ability to launch URLs in external browser. Anybody knows?

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    When you receive an URL in an e-mail, it’s often practical to launch it

    Fore some reason my Notes client has lost this ability since 8.5.1. I’m now at 8.5.2 and the issue still prevail.

    If I turn on the “Use the browser in this client” in the Preferences-dialog box show below, I may launch the URLs in the embedded browser, but only as long as I have Notes active. When I restart Notes, this setting is “forgotton”, and I have to reset it in the dialog box below. How annoying!



    Update! I have just checked whether a policy is controlling this setting, and it seems like one is in play. Below you see the Desktop-policy, under the Basic-tab, in the Internet Options;


    I’m not sure whether this would wreck the internet launching or not. When I click on an URL I see the area flick once, just as it was trying to launch something, but couldn’t find it. I have also tried to switch between IE and Opera, and make each browser default and retry (meaning quiting Notes completely, and restarting). Unfortunately no success yet.


    Why is Notes 8.5.1 FP2 constantly trying to connect to AUDIODG on my Win7 64-bit?

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    On my Windows 7 64-bit machine, my Notes 8.5.1 FP2 client goes haywire many times every day. Seems like the crashes are triggered when I use Domino Designer (DDE).  Every time the crash force Windows 7 to display the error in some special window-session. Like others has also seen, you must view this message since Windows will keep pounding the message. When you switch to the special window-session, you typically see something like this;

    A picture named M2

    Lots of messages like this;

    ERROR (4): can't attach to process [ audiodg:  1c48] - (5) Access is denied.
    ERROR (48): couldn't access shared memory key 'IRIS$MEM$MM368$C.Program Files (x86).IBM.Lotus.Notes.Data' - (2) No such file or directory
    WARNING (0): SYM file lotusnotes.sym(108) for C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\NTASKLDR.exe ignored because it is outdated

    I really  hope that 8.5.2 is a tad more Windows 7-friendly


    What do you use to monitor network traffic on a home network?

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    Sometimes our home network has huge loads, which I don't quite understand where originate. The server can of course be replicating, the Windows Update can be in play, and my eldest son can be playing a game using the net. The possibilities are endless, and I wish I had some kind of tool to visualize the network usage, the top talkers, the topmost used protocols etc..

    Since we're talking about home networks here, I don't have the expensive managed switches, with the SPAN ports to tap all network traffic, neither do I have network cards supporting "promiscuous-mode" (as least as I know ...).

    I was rather hoping for a small, black box, a Network Tap,  to plug between the broadband router and the wall. I imagine that this would be the best physical place to gather/sniff all  packets from all  workstations and servers. Does anyone know about such an appliance?

    What other tools do you use to monitor network traffic with?


    Trying to work some Mojo on the Dojo ... or ... any tips on how to fix Object Error in IE7?

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    In one of my applications, I would like to implement a full day, week and month calendar on the web. Standard Lotus Notes does a fair job and can actually display a working calendar. However, I feel that the cool new web 2.0ish Dojo controls must be much cooler to have! Viktor Krantz created a super article on his blog called Creating a Dojo Calendar, and with the Dojo 1.0.x-compatible version from michelle, I has been able to set up the calendar on my Domino 8.5 server.


    Anybody knows what kind of presenter-tool that has a moving flashlight cursor?

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    At Lotusphere 2009 I saw one presentation where the presenter entered some kind of mode (probably some hotkey to turn on and off), where his cursor became a torch- or flashlight with a spotlight area. This flashlight was super to focus on the client what he was doing, since all other areas but the spot, was blurred. Anybody knows what tool this was?


    Any tips for quick performance analysis on Domino server?

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    I am running Domino 8.5 on a Windows 2003 server inside a vmware image. I suspect that the server is performing somewhat bad... I understand that I can read and learn a lot about real performance analysis - which seems to be an immensely huge area.

    At this years Lotusphere I attended Daniel Nasheds presentation "SHOW102 - IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino on Linux 101 ". At the very last slides he presented some screendumps of Linux tools named vmstat and iostat. Just by looking at some of the numbers, he could quickly determine whether a server was "CPU bound" or "IO Bound" - very convenient!!

    Does anybody know about similar tools or techniques on Windows servers? Looking at the Task Manager's Performance-tab, I guess I can see similar information, and I hope that someone can point out things like "If Commit Charge is larger than Physical Memory, then you have a problem with too little RAM" ... or something


    Domino WikiGeno -or- Anybody has experience with collaborative, online, genealogy tools?

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    Several members of my family are interested in genealogy, and sometimes need to pass over genealogy-data to each other. The integration is often conveyed via GEDCOM files, and thus each user has to import and maintain their own genalogy databases on each computer. Has anybody experience with such tools?

    Of course an ideal tool would be Domino based, with the following top features;
    • Utilize Domino's strong security features to assign responsible persons for their own families within the complete person-hierarchy. This means that my uncle can be responsible for his familiy and any decendants, while my aunt can be similar responsive for her familiy and decendants. This will spur collaboration and ownership of the family data "near you". This would be much better than sending off some GEDCOM file to the authorized Genealogy-nut in the familiy which may or may not add your data.
  • Present the familiy data in cool, web 2.0'ish ways, created with DoJo or Ext.ND or similar. I foresee person, familiy and tree-views.
  • Wiki-like editing possibilities for authorized persons. This means that changes can be reviewed, acceped and rejected. All edits are saved.
  • Blog-like interface about edits in the database. RSS-feeds are important for some
  • GEDCOM export. Authorized users may export the data as GEDCOM files for other usage - such as report generators. GEDCOM import. Authorized users may import GEDCOM to start off a family-tree
  • Good image support. I will be willing to offer free usage of my Import Image 2 Lotus Notes (II2LN) for such tools! (BTW, Blogsphere users already have this possibility, see here).

    One day - perhaps several, independent familiy trees can connect and we thus have the start of WikiGeno - see who you are related to?  
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