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Any tips for quick performance analysis on Domino server?

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I am running Domino 8.5 on a Windows 2003 server inside a vmware image. I suspect that the server is performing somewhat bad... I understand that I can read and learn a lot about real performance analysis - which seems to be an immensely huge area.

At this years Lotusphere I attended Daniel Nasheds presentation "SHOW102 - IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino on Linux 101 ". At the very last slides he presented some screendumps of Linux tools named vmstat and iostat. Just by looking at some of the numbers, he could quickly determine whether a server was "CPU bound" or "IO Bound" - very convenient!!

Does anybody know about similar tools or techniques on Windows servers? Looking at the Task Manager's Performance-tab, I guess I can see similar information, and I hope that someone can point out things like "If Commit Charge is larger than Physical Memory, then you have a problem with too little RAM" ... or something


Gravatar Image1 - Performance Monitor should be able to give you similar statistics about CPU and IO. Also take a look at "logman" and "typeperf" which are native Windows commands.

Gravatar Image2 - Chris, logman looks promissing - I found this ({ Link } and starts to read now!

Gravatar Image3 - look at "perform", this is graphical and easy to use:
press on the "+" (ok this isn't intuive but we're in in a MS world Emoticon )
select Disk, then select "Avg Disk queue length", value > 0.7 is bad.
for the CPU/memory use window Task Manager on the server.
Of course you also can add counters on memory /CPU in the perfmon

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