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[SOLVED] Has anybody experienced problems with iNotes on Safari after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3?

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Update 24.JAN.2012: See comment from Brian below on how to fix this issue

The server has been upgraded to Domino 8.5.3 and now my iPhone nor iPad can’t open the mails without getting an error. I can can log in, and see the Inbox fine. All new mails are present, but as soon as I click on a message to open it, I get an error message (“Cannot open page, the URL cannot be shown”. The exact Norwegian error message is “Kan ikke åpne side, Safari kan ikke åpne siden, Feilen var: “URL-en kan ikke vises”). Has anybody seen this?


Gravatar Image1 - Have you run the design task against your mail file since the upgrade? I've found problems with an 8.5.2 template working on 8.5.3 that clear up after design updates the mail template.

Gravatar Image2 - I have noticed that the actual link from the inbox is missing the base URL. So instead of "server.no/maildb.nsf/($Inbox) bla bla", I have just "($Inbox)/Bla bla".

Gravatar Image3 - Yes, the same issue. So ultra-lite mode it doesn't work either in Firefox or in any mobile phone (nokia, htc .....)

So, I'm going to open a ticket, Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Yes. Same problem with me. Hope to see some solution on this. Thanks.

Gravatar Image5 - Any follow up on this? I have users now reporting the same problems on iPad or iPhone, using Safari or Operate.

Gravatar Image6 - Still no resolution to problem here!

Gravatar Image7 - Just to share what IBM told us to do to fix this problem. Open your server configuration and go to Internet Protocols-->Domino Web Engine. Disable Make this site accessible to web search site crawlers. If you use Internet Sites, then disable from there. Restart HTTP and you should be good. Hope this helps.

Gravatar Image8 - Brian; Thanks for your tip - it worked!! I have created an explicit web site document for my mail URL, which now has the setting mentioned above disabled. And it works!!

Gravatar Image9 - Hello,

I have the same problem, but on our servers "Make this site accessible to web search site crawlers" is Disabled by default, still the problem exist.

Do you have any idea what else could cause it?


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