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Since 8.5.1 Notes lost its ability to launch URLs in external browser. Anybody knows?

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When you receive an URL in an e-mail, it’s often practical to launch it

Fore some reason my Notes client has lost this ability since 8.5.1. I’m now at 8.5.2 and the issue still prevail.

If I turn on the “Use the browser in this client” in the Preferences-dialog box show below, I may launch the URLs in the embedded browser, but only as long as I have Notes active. When I restart Notes, this setting is “forgotton”, and I have to reset it in the dialog box below. How annoying!



Update! I have just checked whether a policy is controlling this setting, and it seems like one is in play. Below you see the Desktop-policy, under the Basic-tab, in the Internet Options;


I’m not sure whether this would wreck the internet launching or not. When I click on an URL I see the area flick once, just as it was trying to launch something, but couldn’t find it. I have also tried to switch between IE and Opera, and make each browser default and retry (meaning quiting Notes completely, and restarting). Unfortunately no success yet.


Gravatar Image1 - Try delete the perweb.nsf in your Notes data directory and restart the client

Gravatar Image2 - Does your admin have this setting in a policy?

Gravatar Image3 - @1; Thanks for replying. Something happened ... at least the Notes client remembers my setting from time to time, but it still won't launch URLs in external browser

@2: I don't think so, let me check

Gravatar Image4 - This is in the plugin_customization.ini file:


Gravatar Image5 - @4 - Alex, thanks for the reply. I had 3 plugin_customization.ini, none of them contained the setting above. So I tried it in each ini file, and restarting Notes each time. My suspicion is that Notes somehow don't find the default browser. Can this be because I'm on 64-bit Windows 7?

Gravatar Image6 - Update: After reinstalling 8.5.3 completely (wasn't easy by the way, check out this post for a 20 hour installation; { Link } things are back to normal.

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