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I wish I could combine NotesDocumentCollection with PickListCollection dialog box

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I have a database where I want to select some document with LotusScript. These documents should be presented to the user in a dialog box so he or she can choose what documents to delete.

Now, this isn’t hard to do with a dialog box containing a list of selected values from the documents. However, this always looks “oh so dialogish” ….

What if I could present any documents (such as a NotesDocumentCollection) in a PickListCollection dialog box? This would be much more nice looking IMO.

My initial ideas is to use a hidden folder, and store the NotesDocumentCollection with PutAllInFolder. Then the PickListCollection would show those documents. This may however lead to a race-condition if multiple users attempt to do the same thing at the same time.

Unfortunately it seems like I can’t use a temporary folder name either, as the folder must to be known to the design collection at an early stage of the database-open process. The PickListCollection seems to have issues finding newly created folders.

Any ideas?


Gravatar Image1 - This might be something ? { Link }

Gravatar Image2 - Hi,
You could create a temporary document where there are several fields (multiple values) like :
You get your documentcollection and you fill your fields with these values.
There's a checkbox on the left of that datas table, where you select your documents and relies it with their UniversalID.
The OK button launch the process ... as if you are on a web page...

Performances are not the main criteria.
32K limits...

Gravatar Image3 - what I did in exactly the same situation is to create a folder for each person (the folder name = CN of user)...the first time a person uses this the folder is created...every other time, it's there....you could have a cleanup routine that deletes the folders every so often, if needed

Best Regards

Gravatar Image4 - I used a "personnal on first use" folder to achieve address a very similar issue a while ago. Worked nicely Emoticon

Gravatar Image5 - Thanks all for suggestions! I will attempt to create a completely new approach here, and I'll post it on my blog as soon as I'm finished

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