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Hmmm, installing the Notes 8.5.1 package give "RCP Base plug-in not found" ...

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The installation instantly rolled back, so right now I don’t have a Notes installation…

Somehow I am not that surprised Disappointed

Update Tuesday Oct 13th: I never got past this, but received these instead;





The answer – uninstall Notes completely and reinstall from scratch…


What could probably cause this? Perhaps the fact that I have installed some plug-ins from other Update sites etc… Looks like some part of the Eclipse framework got some issues… But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem comes from Lotus! I can just as well be the authors of the plug-ins that haven’t been 100% conform with the implementation? Who knows, a new and fresh install is in place!


Gravatar Image1 - I had about the same issue (upgrade from 851 beta).
I just rebooted my machine, and redid the installation. It worked perfectly this time.
Probably some file was still locked after I did a Notes shutdown.

Gravatar Image2 - Obviously something that is held ... Thanks for sharing your experience!

Gravatar Image3 - had this issue same error but the wrong installer was used -

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