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One machine, same app, two id-files, @MailSend works on one id, fails on the other?

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I experience a very strange problem these days. One of my users phoned me about some mails that hadn’t been received. So, on my own machine, with the same Notes client (8.5.2) and the same application, I experience the following;

  • With my ID, @MailSend works fine. I get the “Mail has been submitted” message in the status bar, and the mail actually arrives at the recipients mail file

  • With another id, the same fails. I still get the “Mail has been submitted” message, but the mail never reaches its recipient

Has anybody experienced this?

Another question; where do MailSend submit data to? The mail.box on the server? I can’t seem to track down the flow here.

BTW; I have also tried the same send operation with NotesUIDocument’s Send, with the same result. No error was caught … same message


Gravatar Image1 - Off the top of my head:

Does the 2nd id file have the same access to the database as you?
Does the 2nd id file have the same access to the server as you?
Are there restrictions to who can send mail to whom in your domain?
Does the recipient have any rules in their mailfile that are refusing the accept the second mail or automatically filing it so they don't see it?
@Mailsend routes through the server's mail.box same as any other mail.



Gravatar Image2 - First of all, thanks Kirsty for answering! You sent my brain on the right track, and it turned out that my generated mail contained some readers and authors fields that shouldn't be there.

My e-mail engine is based upon mail templates, and the readers/authors fields is for the templates, and not the "finished product" (ie the generated mail!).

So, by removing the readers/authords fields from the generated mail, everything was back on track! Thanks

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