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Why is Notes 8.5.1 FP2 constantly trying to connect to AUDIODG on my Win7 64-bit?

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On my Windows 7 64-bit machine, my Notes 8.5.1 FP2 client goes haywire many times every day. Seems like the crashes are triggered when I use Domino Designer (DDE).  Every time the crash force Windows 7 to display the error in some special window-session. Like others has also seen, you must view this message since Windows will keep pounding the message. When you switch to the special window-session, you typically see something like this;

A picture named M2

Lots of messages like this;

ERROR (4): can't attach to process [ audiodg:  1c48] - (5) Access is denied.
ERROR (48): couldn't access shared memory key 'IRIS$MEM$MM368$C.Program Files (x86).IBM.Lotus.Notes.Data' - (2) No such file or directory
WARNING (0): SYM file lotusnotes.sym(108) for C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\NTASKLDR.exe ignored because it is outdated

I really  hope that 8.5.2 is a tad more Windows 7-friendly


Gravatar Image1 - Same issue but when acting on anythign in the calendar. I use iNotes now to accept or decline meetings

Gravatar Image2 - Hi Robert, I think you will find that the problem is not "attaching to process audiodg" - this error is being triggered when NSD is started. So it is a result of the crash diagnostics - not a symptom of the cause of the crash. When I had the same error a diagnostic of the NSD log file showed that the error was actually a corrupt full text index. I would suggest reporting your crash to Lotus support so they can find out the real root of your problem.
Hope this helps

Gravatar Image3 - Hi Robert

Windows 7 64 Bit is not officially supported by the IBM. Try to launch the designer client as Administrator right click on the designer icon and Run as Administrator). Please let me know if this works. Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - audiodg is part of the Vista/Windows 7 audio processing subsystem. audiodg runs outside of normal sound processing to allow custom piping of variable to it from running programs and to process DRM.

What I don't understand is why Lotus Notes so often requires access to audiodg... and/or why it loses access to it?

This problem seems MORE prelivelant in Lotus Notes 8.5.2 CD5 than it did in any previous version.

My guess is that the sounds used for notification involve piping to audiodg within the code? Or just more sloppy bloated Lotus Notes code that has not been cleaned up from some previous releases and now there are issues with newer versions of Windows.

And FYI... I can replicate this problem using 32-bit Windows OS or 64-bit... even if "Run As" is used to elevate privledges.

Gravatar Image5 - waiting on this thread for a fix .. driving me mad !!

Gravatar Image6 - For anyone interested; I have disabled the nsd.exe and now I don't have these messages anymore. Nor do I have NSD to analyze crashes, but that can always be turned on again later, if needed!

Gravatar Image7 - I am trying to install DAMO on Win8x64 now and receive the same error. :(Emoticon

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