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Anybody knows what kind of presenter-tool that has a moving flashlight cursor?

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At Lotusphere 2009 I saw one presentation where the presenter entered some kind of mode (probably some hotkey to turn on and off), where his cursor became a torch- or flashlight with a spotlight area. This flashlight was super to focus on the client what he was doing, since all other areas but the spot, was blurred. Anybody knows what tool this was?


Gravatar Image1 - You must have been at our BP105 session where Matt White used Mousepose { Link }

Thanks for coming to our session. Hope you enjoyed it.

Gravatar Image2 - Another alternative is "Impressive", previously known as "KeyJNote" which you can use to present a pdf - and it does have a spotlight feature and works cross platform.

I've used it in the past and it's good enough.

{ Link }

Gravatar Image3 - John and Bruce, thanks for your feedback! Mousepose sure looks nice. Unfortunately only on the Mac ... I also learned that Windows has a built-in feature, which does something faintly similar. Change "Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key" in the Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options. Not at ALL the same as Mousepose, but something on the way!

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