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First impressions of Denver TFD-1906, a 19" LCD TV with DVD player

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We bought a Denver TFD-1906 which is a 19" LCD TV with built-in DVD player for our youngest sons birthday. The primary goal is not to watch TV, but watch DVDs and play PlayStation 2. Why did it take me two hours to get the DVD going?
The Denver TFD-1906 is a 19" LCD TV with a built-in DVD player

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When we first started the TV, everything looked nice, and for some reason I though that I could just pop in a DVD in the DVD player. Of course I can't be that easy!! No matter what I did, I couldn't get the DVD player to act alive. Pressing the buttons led nowhere and the frustration started to grow....

The most confusing part was that I could press a Menu button to bring up a small On Screen Display (OSD) menu allowing me to select from TV, PC, SCART or DVD. I could select the correct source, but I couldn't figure how to really select the source ....

Remember that the scenario is actually during a birthday, with an anxious kid hanging over your shoulder all the time ...

What was the solution then? Reading the manual really thoroughly, revealed the process of selecting the source.

1. Press the AV/TV button to select the source from the OSD menu. Yeah, thats logical when I want to watch DVD ...
2. Press the V+ or V- to select the source. WHAT!!!! Pressing the Volume keys to select the source!!! Unbelievable! why not call a button "select" or "ok" or something that you might guess!!

So, he he, after discovering this little detail, everything actually worked - and the birthday was saved!

So, the answer to the initial question; why did it take two hours? By not reading the manual of course! And perhaps someone would say I'm not too smart, he he!

PS - When I was writing this little rant, I searched the Denver-site for pictures, and found out that they have actually updated the remote control with some smarted labeling at least.. The "AV/TV" label is now actually "AV/TV/DVD", and the grouping is much better

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