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firstObject XML Editor - a cool and fast XML editor

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Do you need a super-fast and nice XML editor? Do you mind if its completely free? Take a look at firstObject XML editor from firstObjec.com
I do own an older version of XMLSpy from Altova, and that contains all the bells and whistles that you could possibly want from an XML editor and more. However, like many other large tools, it takes a while to load, takes even longer to colorize the XML, and it just feels like an overkill for many daily XML jobs. And I never seem to remember all the menus, toolbars and dialog boxes either. I guess I don't live  in the XML world that XMLSpy was created for

Instead I use the firstObject XML Editor, which loads extremely fast and has nice coloring of XML too. This is much more of a daily XML fiddling tool  that I need. Below you see the main dialog;

A picture named M2

On the left you see the tree-representation of your XML file, and on the right you see the actual, colorized, XML. The two parts are linked together, so you can navigate between them with ease.

What are the benefits?
  • Super-fast!
  • Huge-file support!
  • Colorized XML
  • Quickly see the XPATH-path if you programming XML
  • Quickly get the necessary CMarkup-code to access, get or set the element. Super if you use CMarkup!
  • Re-align XML elements to separate lines, even if the original file doesn't have such lines
  • Indenting of XML so you easily see the structure. This is also very fast.
  • Ability to customize what you see in the tree-view. You can easily expose any attribute or element as part of the tree!
  • Unicode, UTF-8 and UTF-16
  • Quickly validate XML and even validate with MSXML agains DTD if your need to.
  • Source code is available if you purchase the Advanced Option from firstObject.com. Use the treeview and richtext in your own apps!

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