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Is protection.outlook.com becoming hotmail.com?

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Update: May 18th, 2022. I have now blocked everything from protection.outlook.com. Make it or brake it. This is a snapshot of the IP blocker today. It is really working hard now. What a pity Microsoft doesn’t work harder to avoid these spammers.


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What has happened to Microsoft? Spam-mail keep pounding in and 99% comes from “protection.outlook.com”! Below is a screenshot from todays spam-log;


Luckily the spam-filter is trapping most of it, but what a waste of bandwidth and processing power.

In my view, Microsoft is now in the same position as Hotmail.com once was. Obviously anybody can get an e-mail address, and obviously Microsoft is doing very little to stop spam-activity.

Others has seen this too, as reported by Daniel Nashed here.

I am counting on my fingers whether to block the whole domain.

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