The Touch-Portal page to control PointerFocus, got even better with direct network communication to PointerFocus!

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A couple of days ago, I wrote a post titled Whoo! How powerful Touch-Portal, AutoHotKey and PointerFocus turned out to be! That post describes a solution where I can control PointerFocus-features such as highlight, spotlight and magnify, by triggering the global hotkeys in PointerFocus (F8 to F12) . It worked very good, for the most part. However, it stumbled a little inside Visual Studio CODE (remember, the previous post targeted another sibling IDE, Visual Studio 2019).

In the PointerFocus page https://www.pointerfocus.com/androidapp.html I saw an Android-application acting as a remote control to PointerFocus. In order to work, you have to turn on the PointerFocus’ Remote Server in it’s settings, like shown below. Also note how I now have turned OFF the global hotkeys;



If you are interested, please read on


Whoo! How powerful Touch-Portal, AutoHotKey and PointerFocus turned out to be!

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In these COVID-19 times I use tremendously more time in net-meetings, and one thing I have been missing on Windows 10 computer, is the ability to highlight my mouse for my viewers.

This post focus on how I got the nice tool PointerFocus (which have nice features to highlight, magnify, spotlight and even draw on the screen), working together with the super-cool Touch-Portal app on an old iPhone, making me a “Elgato Stream Deck-like” experience. The glue between Touch-Portal and PointerFocus is a small snippet made with AutoHotKey. Below you see how my iPhone looks tih the Touch-Portal app running;


These Touch-Portal buttons quickly let me choose the PointerFocus-features without making a fuzz with other shortcuts Smile

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Do your server send mails asking for e-mail confirmations? Then ensure the receiver knows which domain the confirmation-mail origin from!

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Have you ever wanted to sign up for a newsletter, or enroll into something on the net using your e-mail address?

Then the chances that you have received “Please confirm your e-mail address”-mails is pretty high. But what if the web server uses one domain, and the mail server uses another?

Sometimes you don’t receive the confirmation-emails since they are rejected by your mail server. Actually, the sender receives an error-message telling him or her that your main server won’t accept the mail. It may look like this for the sender;

Mail delivery to the following recipient has finally failed: bob@vcode.no

Last reason: 500 5.0.0
Explanation: host vcode.no [] said: Message Rejected for Policy Reasons

Transcript of session:
   ... while talking to vcode.no []:
   >>> DATA (EOM)
   <<< 500 Message Rejected for Policy Reasons

This is a typical sign that some sort of spam-filter has analyzed the inbound message and rejected it for some reason.

For example – you want to sign up for the newsletter at www.acme.com and enter your e-mail address. Since I know I am going to receive future newsletters from @acme.com, I have beforehand entered the domain @acme.com into my spam-filter’s white-list. The white-list ensures that any mails from @acme.com should be received without hick-ups.

Then it turns out that Acme is using a mail-letter-service and it is actually the mailletter-domain that sends the confirmation-mail. For example the newsletter-service sends mail from newsletter_acme@thesupermailservice.com . The domain @thesupermailservice.com wasn’t known to me up front, and my spam-filter finds that highly suspicious Smile And, wham! Error 500 and “Rejected for Policy Reasons” is a fact.

Wouldn’t it be nice it Acme informed me about that in the first place, and the very page where I signed up in the first place? I think so.

Perhaps, in the future, we might even get a protocol or some technical handshake, making the white-listing process a breeze. I hope so Smile


New top quality web camera - using the EpocCam App, an old iPhone 8 and a Gorilla Pod

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Whilst my laptop do have a nice web camera, I wanted a web camera right in front of my face on the external screen. Why? Twisting my neck hard left to make occasional eye-contact with the laptop web camera was very tiring for my neck.

Read on to see how I ended up with an old iPhone 8, running the app EpocCam Pro, mounted on a Gorilla Pod, like this;


Note the “lowered mode”, where my web camera now is almost in eye-height Smile


How to quickly get a nice looking month-calendar together with SmartNSF

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Update Feb 28th, 2017: It turns out that Klaus Bild and Christian Güdemann had a presentation at IBM Connect 2017 diving into SmartNSF. I recommend you to head over to see the slides from the session DEV-1478 – Your App Deserves More – The Art of App Modernization for even more details!


Have you ever wanted to get a nice looking month-calendar based on your Domino data? Sure you have! Perhaps something like this;


This is my short take on how to use the fullcalendar.io javascript event calendar together with the fresh SmartNSF-tool from Christian Güdemann on OpenNTF.

Here you see the end-result (go to June to see some data if interested).


How to setup Gmail's smtp.gmail.com as the outgoing mail server on both Domino and on iOS

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One of the fun things with software, and perhaps especially server software, is that there is lots of ways to get things done. Sometimes you just drown in settings, configurations and restarts. Suddenly things start to work, and you really don't know exactlywhat fixed the problem! This is a story along those lanes, and I write about primarily to remember the steps for later for my own part. Perhaps it can be beneficiary to others too.
From having my own Domino server and using it for both incoming- and outgoing mail, things has transformed over the years to only handle incoming mail, and relaying outgoing mail to other SMTP-servers. In my case it has been the Telenor server "smtp.online.no" for many years. Up til now I have been very satisfied with Telenor and smtp.online.no too. If you are interested, you can read more about the history of my server at the end of this article.
The Problem

However, in January 2017 something happened on the the Telenor-side, and suddenly their SMTP-server wouldn't accept relayed mail from my server anymore.
Sending mail from my Domino server quickly resulted in the following log-entry, along with a non-delivery report sent back to the sender
06.02.2017 23:06:48   Router: Message 00796504 NOT transferred via SMTP to SMTP.ONLINE.NO for some.recipient@somewhere.com 553 5.3.0 <some.recipient@somewhere.com>... We do not relay from
If I tried to send from my iPhone or iPad, which also had the smtp.online.no as outgoing mail server, I received this;
A picture named M2
The above is in Norwegian, and says; “Cannot Send Mail – A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The Recipient {name} was rejected by the server.”
I have now been in touch with the support-departments for both Canal Digital and Telenor, and to make a long story very short; Hopelessly problematic to get any sensible answers at all!!!

First Canal Digital: From filing a support-request via their own support-pages, I didn't get any answer at all. First when I posted on their Facebook-page, they answered instantly!
So, note-to-self, don't bother to write anything in support forms or send email, that won't be answered anyway. Only use channels that obviously hurt a little if requests stay unanswered. That must feel like the other side of the coin for Canal Digital…
The answer to my problem? Canal Digital just points to Telenor and basically says "it's their fault, we do nothing with mail".
Ok, over to Telenor, and a very similar story unveils with them. Sensible enough they don't have a Facebook page where customers can rant (they have learnt the lesson that Canal Digital is learning …) However, after registering a couple of cases, were the latter pointed to a huge document with very detailed information about the problem, I finally got an answer today;
We don't do e-mail support at all via e-mail ….

….. Ha ha ha, are you kidding me?!?! No e-mail support via e-mail ?!?!? (choke choke …)
However, they points me to Telenoreksperten, a call-center charging you no less than approximately USD 3 per minute. I guess this is no other logic than if your washing machine breaks down. Nobody will even touch your washer if you don't stuff their deep pockets full of money ….


iOS 9.3 on an iPad 2 == Bricked iPad

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First it nagged me about the new update: My old iPad 2 kept popping up the dialog box informing me about the availability of the new iOs 9.3.

Then I gave in: Yesterday I finally gave in an started the update process. EVerything downloaded OK and seemed to install OK too.

Did it work? Unfortunately no - Everything when fine until when the newly updated iPad wanted to authenticate with Apple.

After several minutes I got this message;


“Your iPad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPad to iTunes to activate it or try again in a couple of minutes.”

Well, this seems like an endless authentication loop.

Then you see it: When you start searching the net you pretty soon see a pattern. Loads of people have experienced the same problem, and loads of people now have a bricked iPad!


Windows 10: I finally stopped Windows from hijacking my file assosiations

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Rome wasn’t built on one day, and neither was Windows Smile

Albeit all the cool new ways to change default applications, most of them didn’t work for me - and Windows hijacked all my file assosiations again. I blogged about that here Super-annoying "feature" in Windows 10 - It keeps hijacking my file associations!

The following trick worked for me! Simply right-click on a file, and click the Change-button to change the default application for the file type.



The labyrinths of Bluetooth - or - how my Nissan Qashqai lost it"s audio (and finally got it back!)

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imageBluetooth is one of the small technological wonders that surrounds us. Connect almost everything together to enhance the “thing-experience”.

For example I have connected my car’s audio system (a 2012 Nissan Qashqai) to my iPhone 5s, and thus I can listen to audio stored on my iPhone. Great for learning a language when commuting!

A couple of days ago, the sound suddenly died in my car! The “head unit” (the display and all the buttons) with the navigation, radio and phone controls all seemed to work - albeit no sound!

Read on to see my endeavor to get the audio back Smile


The Curious Case of The Oscar Academy - and a reference to another movie

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Has anybody seen the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"? I see that folks over at IMDb has given this movie a whooping average score of 8.4 and even more curious; the movie has received 13 Oscar nominations?  What did I miss? Why does people like this movie that  much? To me the first 1/2 hour was OK as I thought the case  was interesting, and the interaction between people when something isn't exactly mainstream, is always interesting. But when I understood that Benjamin was actually getting younger  as he grew older, I couldn't stop thinking "you gotta be kidding me" ...

Even more curious - how can a single film receive whole 13 Oscar nominations?? I understand that makeup must be one of the categories, as Mr. Pitt was wonderfully masked in the beginning of the film, but what on earth is the rest nominations for?

For those of you that love the kind of slow, panoramic, extremely scenic movies out there, I recommend you to watch the Greek masterpiece "The Weeping Meadows" by T. Angelopoulos.