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The Curious Case of The Oscar Academy - and a reference to another movie

Tags: After Hours
Has anybody seen the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"? I see that folks over at IMDb has given this movie a whooping average score of 8.4 and even more curious; the movie has received 13 Oscar nominations?  What did I miss? Why does people like this movie that  much? To me the first 1/2 hour was OK as I thought the case  was interesting, and the interaction between people when something isn't exactly mainstream, is always interesting. But when I understood that Benjamin was actually getting younger  as he grew older, I couldn't stop thinking "you gotta be kidding me" ...

Even more curious - how can a single film receive whole 13 Oscar nominations?? I understand that makeup must be one of the categories, as Mr. Pitt was wonderfully masked in the beginning of the film, but what on earth is the rest nominations for?

For those of you that love the kind of slow, panoramic, extremely scenic movies out there, I recommend you to watch the Greek masterpiece "The Weeping Meadows" by T. Angelopoulos.


Gravatar Image1 - Thanks for the warning Bob :-P

I watched the movie trailer some time ago and the concept of being born old and then "growing" younger did not catch my eager to watch the movie.
And I totally agree about all the nominations: There are so many good films coming out each year, so it should be posible to spread out the nominations more.
I am not sure how the nomination process works...
But if you have not seen "Amelie", go watch it right away! The best film ever! Emoticon

Have a nice one!


Gravatar Image2 - Thanks Bob. Now I don't have to waste money or time on this movie.


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