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Import xlsx to Notes? Watch out for the upcoming "Notes Import Export Library"

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One of the features that have been missing in standard Notes, is the ability to import- and export directly to Excel. Yes, you can  write some code achieve this, typically via OLE Automation (CreateObject ...), but that needs a programmer every time. With older versions of Excel, you could also go the long way via conversion to the 1-2-3 Workbook format, but again, pretty cumbersome.

The upcoming Notes Import Export Library (IEL)  can import- and export the newest Excel 2007/2010 files with the xlsx file extension, as well as the older "97-2003 compability mode" files with the xls file extension. This can even be done without having Excel installed at all!

A picture named M2
Seeing the highly visible field mapping above, you know exactly what gets imported- or exported.
By using IEL you will hopefully get more time to do other things, such as focusing on other coding challenges!

With it's easy field mapping, hopefully pretty intuitive, everybody can quickly import a spreadsheet. Since IEL is a standard Import/Export library, it shows up in the standard Lotus Notes client Import- and Export dialog boxes, as shown below;

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Note the new file type Excel 2007++ ...

Below you see a screenshot from the main import dialog box, where a couple of columns from the spreadsheet has been been mapped to some fields in Notes;

A picture named M3

As soon as the import- or export starts, it all happens in a separate thread, so you can go right back to your work without having to wait for the job to finish. Below you see the import progress;

A picture named M4

IEL contains some other cool features too!
  • Rename target field names. Don't like the field name in Notes? Or is the column header in Excel too cryptic? Rename it!
  • Add new fields. Add your own fields too, which can be mapped just like any other field.
  • Add and edit formulas on any target field. Don't want a straight data map? Why not use ordinary @-formulas to create your own computed fields. Even some extra @VC-functions are upcoming, so you for example in an exported Excel spreadsheet, can create links back to the Notes documents.
  • Save and reload settings. You map fields, rename them, add new ones and perhaps even use formulas. What a shame if you couldn't save your settings, and reloading them whenever needed.
  • Full unicode support. IEL can treat your unicode content with grace!
  • Preview. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what data gets imported- or exported. By using the powerful preview dialog box, you can quickly see the what the data will look like. Even formulas are executed
    "When, when, when?" you ask

    Target release date is Sunday,  October 23rd, 2011.

    Possible to test? Yes!

    For the beta-lovers out there, you might head over to the home page of IEL and download the current beta. Remember - beta versions is work in progress!
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