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Find and optionally correct erroneous file names on your drive

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Today I am releasing another small tool, floating around the same concept as the previous article Find the long file names on your drives. In my endeavor to backup huge quantities of files to my NSA 220 Plus NAS, it turned out that the NSA 220 Plus had some problems with file names containing percent characters. The new tool is named FileAndFolderNameValidator and reads a XML configuration file looking like this;

A picture named M2
Basically the configuration file specifies which paths to scan (yes, it can scan more than one disk in one go), and contains a list of all invalid characters in file names and folders respectively, and what the erroneous character should be replaced with . As for other command line tools, this tool outputs its results to the console, and if you just issue the command FileAndFolderNameValidator, you will see a list of file names containing errors. If you want to save that result to a file, then redirect the console output to a file like this;

FileAndFolderNameValidator >C:\Results.txt

In order to make FileAndFolderNameValidator actually fix the file names for you, you must specify the parameter MODIFY, such as this;

FileAndFolderNameValidator MODIFY

Important!! Note that FileAndFolderNameValidator will then actually change your file names!!! I therefore use this tool only on my backup USB disk, and not on my original source disks.

Head over to this page to download the tool. Enjoy!


Gravatar Image1 - I've already used this a few times this week. Very useful Its already earned a place in my productivity toolkit.

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Gravatar Image2 - Thanks!

Gravatar Image3 - Utility looks nice, but didn't manage to rename a file containing the ":" character under Win7SP1 x64. Had to use linux :)

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