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Software I can't live without - FinePrint - the premium front-end to printing

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One of the tools I really use a lot, is FinePrint from FinePrint Software. It is a printer driver, which can accept any print-jobs you may have by using standard print functionality in your software.

A picture named M2

Instead of sending the output directly to a printer, you will see the output in a separate window, where you have many cool features available;

A picture named M3

Amongst the features are;
  • Print multiple pages on the same sheet. In the sample above, I have selected to print one of my Blogsphere articles with 4 full pages on a single sheet! This is great if you want to just print something to bring along ...
  • Delete unwanted pages. No need to include all pages if you don't want to
  • Combine multiple print jobs into one. You can for example first print something from Notes, and then a Excel spreadshet. FinePrint combines them as you go!
  • Stamp you pages with transparent stamps, such as "Company Confidential". In the sample above I have done just that. You can just as easy add page number etc, in a much better way than Notes. I often skip Notes ability to "control" (ha ha ha) the footer and header, and use FinePrint instead. You can of course save your own stamps!
  • Archive print jobs. FinePrint can easily save the jobs as own .fp files, which can be printed later.
  • Convert to grayscale - and/or remove images if you want to do that.
  • Use electronic letterheads
  • Export the print as JPEG etc
  • Finally, super tight integration with another FinePrint product; pdfFactory, which makes it a breeze to create PDF documents. This is pretty similar to Adobes PDFWriter, but I like the look and feel similarity to FinePrint.
    My verdict: Run a buy!
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