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Just trying to add value to the Notes community ... is that bad?

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Some hours ago I posted an entry with the title "Do you have problems with hide-when formulas in rich text fields? Do you need to change servers in links? Download this free DLL to fix!". The reason for this is simply to add a free tool to anyone that might have problems which my small DLL addresses. My "king-thought" is to make my blog of some value  to my readers (those few that exists, ha ha).

I didn't for one second guess that it would derive posts like this post, created by Mr. Ben Langhinrichs over at GeniiSoft (the creator of the fine Midas LSX tool, CoexEdit and other super stuff).

So let me be clear. VCFIXRTF.DLL is by no means any competitor to Midas LSX, his tool has much more features, are much more robust, has sold all over the place etc etc.

I don't hesitate at all  to recommend Midas LSX to anyone, when they face some real needs regarding rich text programming - not at all.

But what the heck, my tool has just two small functions, which might even be unstable, they addresses only two rich text problems, it is a raw DLL, it has some "a word of warning", but it is free.

Do you feel I do something wrong here?


Gravatar Image1 - I updated my post, which was a bit more obnoxious than I intended. I think it is great that you are developing these tools, and the many who may need them here or there are probably not in the market for a full rich text solution - they just want to fix the darn problem and move on. I originally linked to your post because I thought it might be useful to people who couldn't afford Midas, or didn't want to spend the money, for these sort of one off fixes, but then my capitalist mojo kicked in and I couldn't resist a few digs. Sorry if I caused offense, or in any way discouraged your efforts. For many people, these sorts of fixlets (what I like to call free tools that fix a specific problem) are just what they need, and at just the price they need. Thank you for contributing to the community.

Gravatar Image2 - Ignore that guy and be happy he is not ranting about mime fidelity again. You did nothing wrong.Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - No, you are not doing something wrong here at all. FREE stuff is salt and pepper for every internet site Emoticon
My first reaction on Ben's post was :"Uhh, Ben seems to be really pissed". But then I read the post again and changed my mind to a "That's advertising". And Ben now confirms my thoughts in his update:
>> makes me leap at the chance to promote my own product

Gravatar Image4 - He also linked to your post which brought me and, probably, a bunch of other people to have a look so that's good! Keep it up.

Gravatar Image5 - A great contribution to the Notes community. Don't be discouraged by this one comment. I would encourage you to post your solution on the OpenNTF site where it may get noticed by even more people. (I would not have found out about your great work without Ben's comment).

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