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Do you need zip and/or unzip support in LotusScript? Download my free DLL

Tags: LotusScript
Have you ever needed zip and/or unzip support in your LotusScript projects? If so, you can download the free Windows 32-bit DLL from here! Please note that whilst VCZIPSUP generate fully compatible zip archives, this is a very simple implementation so don't expect support for advanced stuff like encryption etc. Enjoy!


Gravatar Image1 - Thanks for the tip!
Have often thought of doing stuff like zipping a bunch of files so that the user only needed to download one zip instead of eg. 50 images. Or the other way around: That the user can upload one zip file containing a lot of images and then the server could handle the unzipping and publishing of each single image.
Great tip!

Gravatar Image2 - Here is another solution for extracting using LS2J that can be used in windows and non-windows environments --> { Link }

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