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Tiny update on the download Lotusphere 2009 pdfs agent code

Tags: Lotusphere LotusScript
Thanks to Joe Litton, which pointed out that my Lotusscript agent code to import session pdf files, found in this blog-entry, you may have wondered about why it only imported one single session pdf. If was due to an Exit forall-statement in the Initialize function. The purpose of this code was of course to test the logic. Then I forgot to remove it before posting! Sorry!

The Exit Forall is located just under Call ImportOrUpdateFile in case you don't want to download the code again. I have also updated the code to download.


Gravatar Image1 - Great job! Thanks for the code. Now I just need to get the pdf files to begin with...
Since I didn't attend Lotusphere 2009, this may be a problem...Emoticon

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