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Lotusphere 2009 pdfs available as zip files on www.ls09.info

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Log on to www.ls09.info with your Lotusphere credentials and navigate to the PDF download tab. There you will find zip files for all tracks with the current presentations. And boy is the server slow


Gravatar Image1 - Hi, How can i get user name and password to download these presentations.

Gravatar Image2 - The only way is to have been an attendee at Lotusphere 2009. You will then find your logon credentials in your registration e-mail and on your Lotusphere 2009 badge.

Gravatar Image3 - its over 260 mb if you dl all of them -Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Yup, pretty many sessions too. Over threehundred sessions on 5 days ...

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