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Import Lotusphere 2009 pdf files into GeniiSofts Session database

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I have created an LotusScript agent which allows you to import all Lotusphere 2009 session PDF files into the Lotusphere 2009 Session database from Geniisoft. I have previously downloaded all pdf files into a single directory, If you haven't done this yourself, either access Lotusphere 2009 Online and do it manually from each session, or follow Karsten Lehmann's description. When all your session files are in one directory, you are ready to go!

Create an agent in the session database and import the .lss file included in this download. It will ask you about the directory and then enumerate the files in the selected directory. For each file named according to the session id (such as AD101.pdf, BP203.pdf etc) it will look up the corresponding session document in the session database, and import the pdf file as an attachment. The agent also keeps track of imported files and their file timestamps, and can thus update the pdf file has a different timestamp. Nothing advanced here, just checking for different timestamps. If you want to be sure only newer  files can be imported, you must code some LotusScript yourself.

Finally, the agent uses some Win32 code to browse for directories. Cut this code if you are on Mac or Linux and just replace the import directory with a hardcoded string or similar.


Gravatar Image1 - Thanks for this great tool! I imported the lss to an agent, it compiles fine, but when I run the agent it prompts for the location of the files and then doesn't do anything else. It isn't throwing any errors. Is there anything else I need to do when creating the agent?

Gravatar Image2 - You do have the pdf files in the selected directory right? If so, the agent should first enumerate the files, and then use the FILENAME (such as AD101, BP203 or SHOW106) as the key to find the corresponding session in the session database. Try to debug it to see whether you can find any errors.

Gravatar Image3 - There's a line that needs to be commented out near the bottom of the Initialize sub. I'm guessing the Exit Forall line was in there for initial testing.

Call ImportOrUpdateFile(docSession, vFile)
' Exit Forall

By commenting out the Exit Forall shown above, the import routine works beautifully!!

- Joe

Gravatar Image4 - He he, ooops. You are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing out

Gravatar Image5 - That was it - work's perfectly now.

Thank You!

Gravatar Image6 - Thank you Robert. The code works beautifully. I'm waiting for the mp3 files to be posted too so I can import them too and have it all in one Notes DB.

Dan Soares

Gravatar Image7 - Everything works perfectly well now. Thank you very much!

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