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Ha, ha - Maybe I am too tall for KLM, perhaps *they* should have smaller stewardesses?

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I am 190 cm tall (6.23 ft) and thus probably too tall for economy-class seats in the KLM transatlantic flights. I am getting used to sliding into the seat with acrobatic movements, and having the reclined seat in front of me almost touching my head. When seat reclined (KLM definition of recline = tilt 5 percent), I  am almost not able to watch the in-seat monitor since that can't tilt enough back up, ha ha! So after a while, one typically wants to get some "sleep"...

Sitting at the aisle, one of the stewardesses kept bumping into me at each passage, and after a while I realized that her ... ehhr ... "behind" was fitting just about in the aisle. My shoulder on the outside was more than enough to obstruct her normal flow through the aisle... Sleep ??? Noooo! I instead almost went into coma at the comfy recliners at Schipol-airport ...

My little advice to KLM is this; If you absolutely must fill the plane to the last drop and cram in those extra seat-rows, you must also employ smaller stewardesses, ha ha!

By the way; The service was very good! Maybe it's just me, but I though I could see some sympathy in their eyes when they observed how we "worked" on this flight ...


Gravatar Image1 - At almost exact 2m (6' 6.5"), I know how you feel. Flying to Europe is a nightmare, although worth it for what there is there. It is the only time I wish I were shorter (or could travel in first class).

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