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Notes 8.5 runs almost fine in Windows 7 Beta (which again runs fine in VMWARE 6.5) ...

Tags: Windows 7 Lotus Notes
I installed the Windows 7 Beta in a VMWARE 6.5 image yesterday, and are happy to say that the Windows 7 installation was simple and quick. Approx. 30 minutes from starting the installation in the VMWARE til finish. The installation seemed more streamlined than ever, but unfortunately we still have several reboots. Well installed, Windows 7 booted faster than any Windows I've ever seen, and the overall performance feeling is "very quick" (at least quicker than Vista, ha ha). Take into consideration that my VMWARE image only has 1GB allowed too.

A picture named M2

 This morning I tried to install Lotus Notes 8.5 standard client, and the installation went without problem. The Notes client started quick and behaved just like it should. I've had one reproducible crash scenario, and that is when I attempt to view an image attachment (hover over attachment, right click -> Select  View ... booom!)

I am also happy to report that my List Fields and Import Image 2 Lotus Notes products also runs fine on Windows 7 and Notes/Domino 8.

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