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Upgraded Traveler and Domino to 8.5 - How to get rich text on Windows Mobile?

Tags: Lotus Traveler
I am happy to report that the upgrade of the Domino servers from 8.0.2 to 8.5 went smooth and without problems. One of the servers contains Lotus Traveler, which also was updated to 8.5. The Windows Mobile device I use is Treo Pro with WM 6.1 Pro. The client software on the phone was also updated and the About box now shows IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Version However, the Lotus Traveler Mail doesn't show the mails with rich text support enabled.

Does anybody know how to enable rich text support on the Traveler client?


Gravatar Image1 - The problem was solved by issuing a Replace Mail from the Tools menu in Lotus Traveler on the Windows Mobile phone. All looks nice now!

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