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Hmm, seems to be hard to find a good "webfication" of the Notes Calendar for web

Tags: Lotus Notes
In these Dojo and ExtJS times I thought I would find tons of webified Notes Calendars for the web, but not so. So far I have found these;
  1. Dojo Calendar - by Viktor Krantz. This is perhaps the one with the greatest potential so far
  • OpenNTF WebCalendar - by Stan Rogers . Seems a bit old - and wouldn't work directly.
  • An ExtJS demo, by unknown author, which at least shows some cool ExtJS-like things. Another view of the same thing
  • The Dojomino site also seems to be going somewhere, with work based on Dojo and the Dijit.Calendar implementation
    Basically I would like to create a nice looking, web 2'ish calendar based upon Notes data. Any ideas?
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