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I was elected as the Norwegian Lotus Evangelist of the year!!

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Last week the Lotus Software Usergroup in Norway (http://www.lsbg.org) had their 10th anniversary and celebrated that with a fantastic cruise and seminar (cruisinar ?!?!) on the cruiseship Color Magic. At the end of the seminar I was elected as the Lotus Evangelist (or "Lotus Fantast" in Norwegian) of the year! Jiiiha!!
Below you see me and the fantastic "IBM Lotus Software" bicycle I received;

A picture named M2
I am very proud to receive such recognition, although there are so many other Norwegian evangelists that also qualify by far!

So, a humble thank you  to all!

Some details from the bike;
A picture named M3


Gravatar Image1 - Gratulerer Bob!

Kan ikke tenke meg en mer verdig vinner enn deg!

Du har vært en enestånde Lotus-ambassadør i over 15 år.

Bra jobba! Stå på videre...

Mvh Einar

Gravatar Image2 - Lotus software is seemed to a reputed firm, SoIam confused about yor posting here. You may be a liear.Is It?

Gravatar Image3 - Ha ha, alberrt, you got a point! Lotus as a company has been swallowed by IBM many years ago, so per ce the company "Lotus" doesn't exist any more. However, this doesn't mean that the brand "Lotus", as used in "Lotus Notes", "Lotus Software User Group" (which is the english name of the norwegian "Lotus Software Brukergruppe". Besides, look at the bike man!!! It says "Lotus" all over doesn't it Emoticon Take care!

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