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What's up with my Vista "Save as" dialog box? lmpgspl.ax it was!!

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Update April 14'th:  I have found the cause of the problem. The root of the problem seems to be related to the codec lmpgspl.ax. Read the article to see how this conclusion came by!

I have been running Vista Business edition for about a year now. Unfortunately this endeavor has been anything but the "wow" Microsoft once touted. The latest problem which really sets me off is that the so-called file picker, (also known as the "open" and "save as" dialog box)  in some applications, just kills the parent application.
The dialog box flashes for a second, and booom, the application is gone! No error message, no entry in the event log, just gone!

Searching the net with searches like "vista file picker crash" or "vista save as dialog crash" produces some results indicating that I'm not alone. Several remedies has been suggested like removing the ShellIcons-key from the registry, or turning off Aero. None of which helped me.

Two of the applications which really suffer from this problem is Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 (version 12.01) and Aimersoft DVD Creator (1.1.25). In the Paint Shop Pro case everything goes down when I try to use the File -> Save as dialog, and for the DVD creator I can't load a video. Check out the video-snippet at the bottom to see the problem in action!

What can the reason for this be? First and foremost the so-called common dialog boxes are exactly tha, common. This means that many applications can choose to use these dialog boxes, so you don't have to code your own open/save dialog boxes. Basically this is a great idea, since it makes coding applications faster and they have a more unison look and feel. The common dialog boxes can even be customized,  allowing the programmers to ad own fields and operations to the dialog boxes. My guess is that Paint Shop Pro and DVD Creator tries to add some custom stuff, which fail terribly. How can Vista be to blame then?? By not making the Application Programming Interface robust enough! In no way should it be possible to crash the dialogs by using erroneous parameters or whatnot.

Anybody have some ideas how to fix this?

By the way; Vista is on SP1 level!

Update April 14'th;

This error has almost driven me nuts, as I halt several applications from working. In Paint Shop Pro I have workarounds that makes me survive the problem, but in the Airmersoft DVD Creator could not load anything before it vanished! Today I read a post in vistaheads.com where somebody recommended to try the Compability mode-tab in the Properties of the application:

A picture named M2

Please note the "Disable desktop composition" which is an awkward way of saying "don't use Aero" for this application. Then I did that, the application still crashed, but more "calm". I could for example open the file picker for documents. As soon as I navigated into the program directory of DVD Creator, the application crashed again, but this time with an error message!! The error message stated that it had a problem with the lmpgspl.ax from Ligos Corporation. Amongst several suggested remedies was to unregister it from Windows with the regsvr32 /u lmpgspl.ax command. When done, rename the file to something else. After that, success!! And guess what, this also fixed Paint Shop Pro!! Jiiiha, my Vista is back on track!


Gravatar Image1 - I know, it crashes my photoshop cs3 extended, right when I am working on something important and want to back it up.

The last straw was crashing after I worked hard on a banner for my latest e-commerce website. after that, I started the uninstaller, thinking it was PS since this has never happened in anything else. THEN I googled it AS the uninstaller was running, and lo - and - behold, I am not alone, but PS was not the prob.

Now I'm gonna have to torrent another copy of that PS keygen all over again... Emoticon

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