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iPhone memory constraints? Make iOS clean up by renting a huge movie from iTunes Store!

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Some time ago I wrote a post titled Hmmm, a restore of my iPhone 5S found and freed 7,3 GB from nowhere?! Obviously iOS hasn’t become much better with the latest iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 and on my phone something keeps eating the memory, and iOS can’t keep track of it. I hoped apps like iRefresh Pro could help me free something, but it only frees minimal amounts of memory.

Today I found this post on Reddit - and the trick freed 1 GB on my phone instantly!!! Others have regained much more!! Obviously Apple is pretty keen on renting a movie to you, so they do much memory cleaning much better  Smile

Simply do the following:

  • In the Settings -> General -> About, check how much memory you have left. Let’s say you have 1 GB left.
  • Open iTunes Store and find a huge film (such as Lord of the Rings or War and Peace from 1957). The trick is to choose a larger film than the available memory on your phone. The two mentioned films are about 6.5 and 8.9 GB in size.
  • Rent the film. iOS will think for a moment and discover that you don’t have enough memory available. You won’t be charged as you couldn’t download it.
  • Click Settings to manage your memory. You should see an increase of your available memory!

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