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Hmmm, a restore of my iPhone 5S found and freed 7,3 GB from nowhere?!

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I know, having 16 GB iPhone s%&ks , and I am getting used to see the “Storage almost full” message almost every day;


Every time I enter the Manage Storage screen to see what I can delete, but lately I has become more difficult to actually find something to delete! Below you see the status I had before my restore;


116 MB left.... My largest application is 547 MB so I couldn’d quite the numbers to add up. I therefore did a manual calculation of all the applications listed in the screen above, and came in just over 4 GB Disappointed smile ... where the h&%k had the other 7,6 GB gone? And yes, I tried to delete all logs and data from Safari, Youtube and whatever app I could think of. Somehow something had my memory...

Reading on the net reveals that I am not the only one (such as this from the Apple forums) with these problems. One of the suggested options is to restore my phone, and so I did .... Now, one hour later I have this memory status;


7.3 GB free again!

So, something was holding my memory after all, and when a restore can clean up, so should iOS do too without forcing a user to restore!

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