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Domino 9.0.1 FP5 finally installed, but "nsdhelp.dll" was missing afterwards ...

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According to this news flash from IBM, they ackowledge that there is some problems with the FPP5 updater. Indeed so, it won’t install if you have hotfixes installed as I blogged about here.

The news flash from IBM also stated that you could rerun any hotfix-installers to revert back to the previous level of code. I found my HF419 installer and ran it again. First it identified that I could revert back to vanilla 9.0.1 FP4 level, and I continued... First off I got this:


... hmmm, for some reason the updater didn’t finish off the running nsd.exe, so I had to do that manually via the Windows Task Manager. Re-ran the code and now it finished with success Smile 

Time to re-run the FP5 updater, and this time it correctly identified the 9.0.1 FP4 code and let me finish with success.

However, on a re-start of the Domino server, it couldn’t start due to a missing nsdhelp.dll file;


Bummer!! I couldn’t find it anywhere on my server, so I had to restore it from my backup!!

The last sign of nsdhelp.dll is in the UPGRADE.LOG and it seems like the HF419 renamed it:

Rename: canFileName: nsdhelp.dll, dw = 9
Temp file size was 0: UPTMP0009.TMP

Seems like the FP5 updater went a tad too fast through the quality control this time. Normally I would say that upgrading the server has been a breeze over the last years. Just download the updater, run it, and voila ... the server is updated.


Gravatar Image1 - Lo solucione renombrando el archivo NSD ejecutable y volví a correr el instalador de Lotus con la opción "reparar".

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