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Not only PartnerWorld has download problems. MSDN too ...

Tags: Software

We have often seen that IBM Partnerworld get bad press due to site-organisation, stability and download problems. Today MSDN also went haywire with its "File Transfer Manager"

When I  click download on the MSDN page, the FTM started, but immediately gave me the following error;

Microsoft File Transfer Manager Download problem

(Click on the image to see a larger version)

The error message is "The response from the web site is missing required information" and the dialog box informs me that the dialog will close pretty soon. The download is halted and the status is set to "Interrupted". As soon as I pressed the "Resume"-button, the same message popped up again!

The first time I saw this, I gave up and returned to other tasks .... A colleague however discovered that you shouldn't give up. Press the "Resume"-button and continue to do so, and FTM will eventually resume download!

That worked, but unfortunately FTM was pretty unpredictable about when the problems occured, so I really had to monitor the download process. When I had approx. 0.5MB left of the Windows 7 Beta DVD, I halted for a long time. I guess I had to press "Resume" 20 times Smile

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