How to spend an evening - with the ultra crappy "Windows Mobile Device Center"

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The software industry never cease to impress me, in both positive and negative ways. Some software just delivers; easy to install, no errors, stable, doesn't consume all your memory, and sometimes it even look good! Windows Home Server is an example of such software in my opinion. Other software is the opposite, and unfortunately Windows Mobile Device Center is such a tool.

Read on to see why...


How to make Vista unusable with a couple of clicks

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Here the other day I received an exe file, which I believed was a self-unpacking kind of file, make with either WinZip or WinRAR. Instead of starting the huge EXE file, I thought I should open it with WinRAR instead... Read on to how that almost rendered my Vista unusable...


What's up with my Vista "Save as" dialog box? lmpgspl.ax it was!!

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Update April 14'th:  I have found the cause of the problem. The root of the problem seems to be related to the codec lmpgspl.ax. Read the article to see how this conclusion came by!

I have been running Vista Business edition for about a year now. Unfortunately this endeavor has been anything but the "wow" Microsoft once touted. The latest problem which really sets me off is that the so-called file picker, (also known as the "open" and "save as" dialog box)  in some applications, just kills the parent application.