Import xlsx to Notes? Watch out for the upcoming "Notes Import Export Library"

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One of the features that have been missing in standard Notes, is the ability to import- and export directly to Excel. Yes, you can  write some code achieve this, typically via OLE Automation (CreateObject ...), but that needs a programmer every time. With older versions of Excel, you could also go the long way via conversion to the 1-2-3 Workbook format, but again, pretty cumbersome.

The upcoming Notes Import Export Library (IEL)  can import- and export the newest Excel 2007/2010 files with the xlsx file extension, as well as the older "97-2003 compability mode" files with the xls file extension. This can even be done without having Excel installed at all!

A picture named M2
Seeing the highly visible field mapping above, you know exactly what gets imported- or exported.