How to quickly get a nice looking month-calendar together with SmartNSF

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Update Feb 28th, 2017: It turns out that Klaus Bild and Christian Güdemann had a presentation at IBM Connect 2017 diving into SmartNSF. I recommend you to head over to see the slides from the session DEV-1478 – Your App Deserves More – The Art of App Modernization for even more details!


Have you ever wanted to get a nice looking month-calendar based on your Domino data? Sure you have! Perhaps something like this;


This is my short take on how to use the fullcalendar.io javascript event calendar together with the fresh SmartNSF-tool from Christian Güdemann on OpenNTF.

Here you see the end-result (go to June to see some data if interested).


How to setup Gmail's smtp.gmail.com as the outgoing mail server on both Domino and on iOS

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One of the fun things with software, and perhaps especially server software, is that there is lots of ways to get things done. Sometimes you just drown in settings, configurations and restarts. Suddenly things start to work, and you really don't know exactlywhat fixed the problem! This is a story along those lanes, and I write about primarily to remember the steps for later for my own part. Perhaps it can be beneficiary to others too.
From having my own Domino server and using it for both incoming- and outgoing mail, things has transformed over the years to only handle incoming mail, and relaying outgoing mail to other SMTP-servers. In my case it has been the Telenor server "smtp.online.no" for many years. Up til now I have been very satisfied with Telenor and smtp.online.no too. If you are interested, you can read more about the history of my server at the end of this article.
The Problem

However, in January 2017 something happened on the the Telenor-side, and suddenly their SMTP-server wouldn't accept relayed mail from my server anymore.
Sending mail from my Domino server quickly resulted in the following log-entry, along with a non-delivery report sent back to the sender
06.02.2017 23:06:48   Router: Message 00796504 NOT transferred via SMTP to SMTP.ONLINE.NO for some.recipient@somewhere.com 553 5.3.0 <some.recipient@somewhere.com>... We do not relay from
If I tried to send from my iPhone or iPad, which also had the smtp.online.no as outgoing mail server, I received this;
A picture named M2
The above is in Norwegian, and says; “Cannot Send Mail – A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The Recipient {name} was rejected by the server.”
I have now been in touch with the support-departments for both Canal Digital and Telenor, and to make a long story very short; Hopelessly problematic to get any sensible answers at all!!!

First Canal Digital: From filing a support-request via their own support-pages, I didn't get any answer at all. First when I posted on their Facebook-page, they answered instantly!
So, note-to-self, don't bother to write anything in support forms or send email, that won't be answered anyway. Only use channels that obviously hurt a little if requests stay unanswered. That must feel like the other side of the coin for Canal Digital…
The answer to my problem? Canal Digital just points to Telenor and basically says "it's their fault, we do nothing with mail".
Ok, over to Telenor, and a very similar story unveils with them. Sensible enough they don't have a Facebook page where customers can rant (they have learnt the lesson that Canal Digital is learning …) However, after registering a couple of cases, were the latter pointed to a huge document with very detailed information about the problem, I finally got an answer today;
We don't do e-mail support at all via e-mail ….

….. Ha ha ha, are you kidding me?!?! No e-mail support via e-mail ?!?!? (choke choke …)
However, they points me to Telenoreksperten, a call-center charging you no less than approximately USD 3 per minute. I guess this is no other logic than if your washing machine breaks down. Nobody will even touch your washer if you don't stuff their deep pockets full of money ….


Classic LotusScript: When 100.0 isn't 100.0 anymore?!

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Today I had to debug some old code, and when doing so I stumbled over something which I found strange.

LotusScript would not consider the value 100 equal to the value 100 … Let me explain with some simple code (you can click on every image to get a larger one by the way);


I put the above code in a test-agent.

Marked by 1, I set my reference value to the value 100 (and yes, by purpose I don’t use the forced floating point notation 100.0)

Marked by 2, I fill my array of 12 doubles with 1/12 of 100 each.

Marked by 3, I compare the two variables dblOneHundred and dblHundred.

Below you see how the array look in the Designer’s Debugger;


As you see LotusScript does a nice job of converting my division (100/12) and storing it as a doubles. For each time I fill in an element in the array, I accumulate the values in the variable dblHundred. Again LotusScript seems to do this nicely. Below you see what it looks like after I have run the loop 11 times;


… and when the array is completely filled, the Debugger shows that the variable dblHundred has the accumulated value of 100. Below you see the code just before the comparison line marked by 1 is executed;


As we see in the debugger, both values are shown as 100 in the debugger, and I would believe that the comparison would be true. But no


If you want to see more, both on my take for an explanation, the workarounds including code to try out, please continue to read below.