Reserved words in LotusScript and Formula-language

I am a fond user of the AsUType-tool which makes it easier to spell-check everything I write, in Notes, in Word, in Mind Manager and in Notepad. It even spellchecks everywhere if you want it to!

When I program AsUType often want to spellcheck LotusScript and Formula code too, and while you can tell AsUType to not spellcheck in specified applications such as Domino Designer, I'd like the ability to have spellchecking there too. I have therefore created several lists containing reserved words for Formulas, LotusScript language itself, and finally the exposed LotusScript Notes-classes.


PS! Please drop me a line if I have missed words!


Gravatar Image1 - very nice but why would you not just use the build in asutype function ? or am i missing something :)

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