JavaUserClassesExt Helper

The zip file contains a Notes database with a single form named "JavaUserClassesExt Helper". This form uses the LotusScript scrip library class:CJavaUserClassesExtHelper which again uses the second library class:CEnumerateFilesAndFolders.

class:CJavaUserClassesExtHelper contains a LotusScript class which makes it easy to enumerate files in directories on your machine.

class:CJavaUserClassesExtHelper uses the class above to find the files in the input directory. For each file it communicate with the server via NotesSession's SendConsoleMessage method to modify the JavaUserClassesExt Notes.ini keyword on the specified Domino server.

I find this superhandy when I need to install jar packages onto the Domino server, and I have used this to aid me install IBM Social Business Toolkit and SWING PDF Converter onto Domino servers.


PS! By downloading this tool, you also agree that you take full responsibility yourself for any problems that might arise for use of this code.

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