How I connect LaunchPad Pro to 1010music Blackbox for extended pad-control

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If you have upgraded your 1010music Blackbox to the firmware 2.0 or newer –and-  you have a Novation Launchpad Pro available, you can use the Launchpad to directly control both PADS and SEQUENCES on the Blackbox, like this;


Read on to see how I set this up.


AC/DC tickets for Oslo-show has been purchased

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On February 17th, 2009, one of my favorite bands stages a concert in Norway, and my sons and I are coming!

A picture named M2

<rant on>What should I say about the my experience buying those darn tickets? The ticket vendor Billettservice (a Ticketmaster company) almost has monopoly on ticket-sales for major bands and artists, and their way of handling customers is sooo low. The tickets went on sale on Monday 09:00, and even before that the phonesystem went completely bananas (two rings and then automatic hangup). The web site also went down. I tried to both ring and use the web for three hours ... and not a single time, the phone was answered. What about buying a phone-queue system Billettservice?!?!

Around 12:00 the web site came up again, and luckilly for me, I could use the passcodes I received from the AC/DC Fan Club - thank God!!

What can be learned from this? Anybody with minimal programming experience should challenge this hopeless company!! Look at what the Birkebeiner-team has done; A simple reservation number is all what you receive, and you have some time afterwards to finish off your purchase. This is fast, doesn't need a super-advanced queue system. Billettservice sell their tickets no matter what, and they probably don't care about the complaints either. This means there should be a giant chance of snapping their business!

Next, Metallica-tickets goes on sale Monday 20th, and believe me, the same thing will happen again!</rant off>