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How to get Lotus Traveler to synchronize your Journal data

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I have decided to upgrade my old Palm-OS based Treo 650 to a super-duper new Treo Pro smartphone. To synchronize the PIM and Journal data to my Treo 650, I have used CommonTime's mNotes suite with great comfort and ease. On the Treo Pro I decided to give the new Lotus Traveler a chance. Read on to learn how to get your Journal database sychronized...
When I received my Treo Pro and set out to install and use Lotus Traveler, I had some nights of "issues"

One of them was to synchronize the Journal. All over the place you can read about the fantastic features Lotus Traveler has, amongst them the synchronization of your personal Journal. But no matter what I tried, the journal wouldn't sync! Even more strange, I could not find a single clue in the log files other than snippets from the Traveler-log;

Notification Type = TCP
Applications to Synchronize = mail, calendar, contact, journal, task, serviceability
Change Flags = clear

I also read the following from a Lotus Traveler guy in the public Notes 8 forum ...

A picture named M2

"All data is in the mail database" ... but, I haven't had my jourmal-data there, they are all stored in my separate Journal-database (journal.nsf)!! I thought "this means that there is some connection between the mail- and the journal databases". And then I found out that the Home page in Notes 8, has a button Personal Journal. When I clicked that, I got the "Select Personal Journal"-dialog box, like this;

A picture named M3

"Ahhh", I thought, "this is where I connect the mail- and the Journal database so Traveler can find my journal-entries" ... Not right yet I am afraid! Nothing sync'ed and the answer had to be somewhere else...

Then I stumbled across the following answer from Robert S Sielken in the public Notes 8 Forum;

A picture named M4

Ok? All data is in the mail database?!? That must somehow mean that the Journal data is in the mail database, just like the Contacts can be synchronized .... Some more searching, and I found another post stating the Mail database now contains the following Action; Actions -> Domino Web Access -> Synchronize Journal. like this;

A picture named M5

When clicking this menu, I had to select a local Journal database, and then the synchronization started;

A picture named M6

So far so good, now I just have a problem with the SyncClient crashing and that most memos return "No program memory available" when I click on the Notes .... More on that later!


Gravatar Image1 - Same route for me: Treo650->Treo Pro and Domino!
Not so good for me.
I'm having serious problem on connecting to Traveler.
Some time it work some time it doesn't. No reason why. Just stop functioning...
Traveler under Domino 8.5
Vodafone as ISP carrier
Treo Pro with Win6.1
Same problems also using WiFi ...

Gravatar Image2 - Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - I created a native App for iPhone and iPad to sync the Lotus Notes Notebook/Journal.

See { Link } for more.

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