IBM Connect 2016 session database with abstracts - just add presentations

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Maybe it is just me, but I like to have my Lotusphere-presentations in my own session databases. Makes it sooo much easier to search and find the presentations Smile

I have therefore created a Notes database with only the session abstracts in place.


You need to go to to the Files-area in the IBM Connections 2016 portal and download all files into a directory  and import themselves.  Go to the bottom of the Files-area and click on the “Download all files” link;


You find the database here.


Would it be an idea to warn user about redirect-URLs?

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For many years the Notes client has protected users from showing images in incoming mail, like this;


The purpose is probably twofold - first to save some space if you don’t want the mail in the first place, and second to prevent the user to reveal to the originator that the mail has been seen.

- “How can the originator know that the mail has been seen by me, simply by showing the images?”, you ask

Some sites use clever naming conventions on their images, meaning that the image to are about to see, has a file name tailored specifically for you. For example can the file name be “Masthead_5666776544.jpg” where the number actually identifies you. Yes, every mail they send out, has special file names in every mail. So when the originator’s web server delivers that image, it also knows that you have seen the mail - and that the mail address they used, actually is a live mail address.

Could we do something similar to certain redirect URL-styles in the mail?